Farm Goals

Our farm is situated on the Blackland Prairie in Maxwell, TX. The particular piece of land we purchased had been overgrazed for quite some time and we made it our mission to restore this little slice of heaven. How, you ask? Great question, because we didn't even know at the time. 

What is restoring? Do we want native prairie plants to come back and thrive, or do we primarily want our land to provide forage for livestock? Well, our plans expand and contract just like the clay we are farming, and that's okay with us. But our main strategies and goals remain, and we helped narrow and clarify this goal through holistic management. We aim to build soil health, capture rainwater, and use intensive rotational animal grazing to help us remove weedy plants and get organic matter back into our soil. Animal manure adds organic matter to soil, and organic content helps hold soil moisture. Furthermore, the disturbance these animals make help us to uproot undesirable weeds, stomp cover crops and other vegetative mass into the ground to be recycled, and stir up the seed bank that lies in our soil. So far we have used pigs, turkeys, and chickens to help us reach our goals. And it turns out, soil building is really fun :) We've been enjoying documenting our successes and failures throughout this process and are happy to share them with you.


The Farmers

We are Leah and Gabriel.

Leah: Full-time land manager, grower of vegetables, pig friend, tree planter, planner, administrator, farm outreacher, website manager, cooker of all farm products, community supporter, botanical observer, friend recruiter, backpacker, nature photographer, general supporter of harvest to table processes and everything related.

Gabriel: Full-time graphic designer, sign fabricator, grill master, coyote with the jokes, pig house builder, graffiti artist, livestock feeder, do-er and know-how-er, rock hoarder, Modelo drinker, crawfish boiler, handsome hat wearer, figure-it-out-er of Boxcar when we don't know how we are going to make anything work the way we planned :) 

*NEW as of 8/16/2017*

Josephine: babbler, drooler, fat squishy cheeks, daddy-lovin baby girl. Loves pointing at animals and exclaiming "dah!"