We currently raise limited amounts of chickens for meat. We are getting practice with our mobile coops, comparing the many breeds available, and the types of feed to see how broilers can best perform in our situation. We hope to offer broilers for sale to the public in 2018. 


We raise the standard commercial broad breasted turkey and a few heritage birds every year. We don't have any available for Thanksgiving 2017. Hopefully next year!


We currently have 30ish egg-laying chickens. They are free range and are fed a nonGMO ration in addition to the bugs and vegetation they consume while foraging. We have a diverse flock that includes Ameracaunas, Turkens, Buff Orpingtons, Cuckoo Marans, Black Minorcas, Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes, and several crosses. When eggs are available, we will have them at market.