One way to save money on pork is to buy in bulk: by the whole, half, or quarter. 

Whole: $5.50/lb

Half: $6/lb

Quarter: $6/lb

A whole pig will be about 180-200 lbs. The customer can have the hog cut anyway they prefer. After a customer contacts us about buying pork in bulk, a deposit will be required to reserve their share. Once a processing date is scheduled, we will go over the cut sheet with the customer. The customer can pick the pork up at the processor or the farm. 

We also sell our pork at the San Marcos Farmer's Market, Saturdays 9am-1pm. If you plan to purchase pork there, please check with us first to make sure we are there! Occasionally we will skip market if there's work to be done on the farm, or if we are waiting to get our next round of meat back from the processor. 



No turkeys this year! We had a baby in August and had to divert our attention to raising a newborn this fall. We expect to be back online with turkeys for Thanksgiving 2018. 


We are optimistic that we'll be able to offer chicken for sale in 2018.