Our pigs are typically sold by in bulk: by the whole, half, or quarter. 

Whole: $5.50/lb

Half: $6/lb

Quarter: $6/lb

A whole pig will be about 180-200 lbs of meat. The customer can have the hog cut anyway they prefer. After a customer contacts us about buying pork in bulk, a deposit will be required to reserve their share. Once a processing date is scheduled, we will go over the cut sheet with the customer. The customer can pick the pork up at the processor or the farm. 

Because our pigs go quickly, at this time we rarely have individual cuts for sale. Please use the contact page to inquire about buying pork by the cut, or to get more information on buying in bulk.



Eggs are $5/dozen. At this point we are only doing on-farm egg pick up. 



Turkeys will be sold through a share system this year. You will be purchasing the live bird, and we can process it for you at no cost. We will update this section in the fall with more information.


*UPDATE 10/4/16: We have a limited amount of turkeys available. Use the contact form to get in touch about pricing and other details. 


We are currently not selling chickens at any market, but can arrange a bird share agreement if you are interested. Use the contact form to get in touch. Broilers are $15/bird and average 4-5 lbs per bird.